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Overall, are you satisfied with your experience at this university, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied

Extremely satisfied
18% (得票数:64)
Moderately satisfied
25% (得票数:87)
Slightly satisfied
6% (得票数:22)
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
16% (得票数:58)
Slightly dissatisfied
6% (得票数:23)
Moderately dissatisfied
17% (得票数:59)
Extremely dissatisfied
12% (得票数:41)

How easy it is to obtain the resources you need from the university library system?

Extremely easy
45% (得票数:99)
Very easy
25% (得票数:54)
Moderately easy
11% (得票数:24)
Slightly easy
17% (得票数:37)
Not at all easy
2% (得票数:5)

How useful are the services provided by the on-campus career center?

Extremely useful
20% (得票数:33)
Very useful
34% (得票数:56)
Moderately useful
25% (得票数:42)
Slightly useful
21% (得票数:35)
Not at all useful
0% (得票数:0)



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